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Would you like to become part of the staff team? If so we are looking for more than one lunchtime supervisor to work up to 6.5hrs per week - please ask at the office or email

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Well done everyone! You raised £241.60 for Comic Relief! Also exceptionally well done to Tally, Heather, Lauren, Lily and Katie who raised an additional £101.97 from their own bun sale!! 

We are smart swappers! Many people have no idea how much fat, salt and sugar there is in some of the things we eat throughout the day. So we are taking part in the Smart Swapathon to try and cut some from our diet. A smart swap may be to choose to drink a glass of milk rather than juice, eat a piece of fruit rather than a biscuit, or go for a ride on your scooter rather than sitting and watching TV. Can you make a Smart Swap each week? Each day? If you do don’t forget to put a counter in your class totalizer!! 

Daisy and Kayla add up class counters each Thursday and announce in celebration assembly how many swaps in total the school has made!!

Welcome to Bramham

It is our aim to provide children with a broad, balanced education that will enable them to fulfil their academic potential and build in them the confidence and curiosity that will lead to success in their future lives.

The performance of any school depends on many people; the governors, staff, parents/carers, and children who, working in partnership, create an atmosphere in which the children can learn safely and happily. Both Bramham and Shadwell schools have exceptionally hard working staff who strive to ensure that every child feels individually valued".

Ruth Drew - Chair of Governors

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